Thursday, November 12, 2009

Under Construction

The sites are changing soon. Don't freak out if you see stuff disappearing. I am making it more organized.


  1. You are awesome! Like this idea! Tried to find some of the posts were Bella was wearing Splendid or at least where we think that she is wearing Splendid and it was really hard work :)! So this is awesome!
    Hope your doing good?!

  2. Hey,
    Since your reorganizing, can you please but above the the dress, skirt, pants, shirt, ext. something like 'No Longer Available' if its not available on the market anymore? 'Cause sometimes I get really excited when I find something and then when I get to the site it's no longer there. That'd be fantastic if you can do that!!!
    This is a really great idea!! Sooo much easier to find stuff!!!

  3. love this idea of yours. keep it up please.