Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Twilight Makeup Line

The site is up and you can purchase all of the makeup www.twilightbeauty.com

Thanks to Maria and

There is a new line of Twilight Makeup

Natalie found out the scoop on the Twilight makeup.

"The Lip Venom is available for pre-order now on DuWop.com. It is $16 but if you enter the code VENOM54U it gives you the Us Weekly discount. The other items shown in this blog post will not be available to pre-order or purchase until late July or early August 2009. This comes from the rep I spoke to at DuWop. In addition, they are only making a limited number so I suggest people pre-order now to reserve it!"

She also said "Just used the discount code on my order and you get $3.20 off the order. It sucks cause shipping is $6+ dollars. Just FYI. :0)"