Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Twilight Makeup Line

The site is up and you can purchase all of the makeup www.twilightbeauty.com

Thanks to Maria and

There is a new line of Twilight Makeup

Natalie found out the scoop on the Twilight makeup.

"The Lip Venom is available for pre-order now on DuWop.com. It is $16 but if you enter the code VENOM54U it gives you the Us Weekly discount. The other items shown in this blog post will not be available to pre-order or purchase until late July or early August 2009. This comes from the rep I spoke to at DuWop. In addition, they are only making a limited number so I suggest people pre-order now to reserve it!"

She also said "Just used the discount code on my order and you get $3.20 off the order. It sucks cause shipping is $6+ dollars. Just FYI. :0)"


  1. Hi!
    I've found this site recently and I don't know other way to contact you.
    I know you are more focus on the girls looks, but I love Edward's clothes and especially his shoes and tennis. Do you have any clue or know some other place where they could know any information about it?
    Since the movie is out, I've been searching but the only thing I know is that one of the pairs is Adidas.

  2. This site has bella's prom makeup as well as movie makeup.


  3. I'm so happy that company has released this new make up because I love this movie, I'm gonna recommend this to my sister because she's so fashion, besides I've heard they'll released other new brand called Generic Viagra make up.

  4. great collections.. i also had my collection thanks for sharing and posting your stuff.

    william @ big suit

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