Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Contest to Win Bella's Necklace in New Moon

Win Bella's Necklace in this Scene!!!

Twilight Impressions by Noriane's Bijoux sponsored a contest on "Twilight Costume's Mostly Bella" for one of you to win this beautiful necklace. She makes beautiful and stylish Twilight-inspired jewelry. Please visit her store at

The Contest is Closed.

Putting out the winner a little early but you still have 10 days from the original day I said to send me the e-mail.

lilyrose02 is the lucky winner!
If this is you, e-mail me at with your name and shipping address within 10 days (November 12) or I will select a new winner.

Thank you to everyone who entered.

Here are some images of some of my favorite of Norianesbijoux's other beautiful Twilight-Inspired Jewelry.


  1. Hello.
    I love all of your jewerly...I have purchased before. If I had to pick a would be Reveal - New Moon Inspired with the 18" chain. Your work is awesome. Thanks.

    Rosann Biagi

  2. Hi Noriane :)
    I am the BIGGEST Twilight fan.. I friended you on Facebook (Ashley Schrotberger) And I have purchased from you before on Etsy (Schrotberger87). I got the light topaz Edward's eyes drop earrings. I love them so much! You're jewelry is so gorgeous, I love everything. I have a few favorites actually so I will just list them all! Why not :)

    Every Single Day of Forever: These earrings are so pretty. I love how you symbolize the 'forever' as the never-ending circle. It's perfect, a beautiful idea.

    Edward's Eyes - Fire Opal Heart: I am Team Edward through and through.. 100% and my mother's birthstone is an opal. I have some opal jewelry but I could never afford something this beautiful. What a pretty way of remembering my mother and also my favorite Twilight character!

    Twilight Amulet Bracelets:
    In Love With a Vampire: aka in love with Edward
    New Moon: My favorite book in the series.. Weird I know, with Edward being my fave character and him being gone a lot. Can't wait for the movie!!!

    <3 Ashley

  3. Hi, I loved everything in the shop! I added almost everything to my favourites list. It was hard to choose a favourite, but I think I like the Only Edward bracelet best. Thank you for running this contest!

    koolchicken at gmail dot com

  4. I like the Edward's Eyes necklace with the Fire Opal Heart. ^_^

  5. Hi there, for me, it would be Edward's eyes. The color is really pretty. But the new Bella necklace is very beautiful, too.

  6. Hello, I'm a fifteen year old girl from germany (so excuse my mistakes, please :-P). I've watched twilight four times, the first in english because i couldnt wait! I've got already tickets for the premiere for new moon from the cinema of my town, brunswiek near hannover.
    As i look through the jewelry, the "Bellas Bracelet in a Necklace" attract at once my attention! I like it best because it is the beautifulest one i can really compare with twilight, not with the movie but with the book. (You all know bellas bracelet)
    My Birthday is on the 3rd of November, so it would be like a Birhtday present for my 16th if I would win! :-)

    Greetings from Germany!

  7. Hi everyone, I chose Bella's bracelet from New Moon with Edward's crystal and Jacob's wolf. It symbolizes best the character of Eclipse which is my favorite book.
    But it's really hard to decide, because Noriane's jewellery is sooooo beautiful...
    Thank you for all this beauty you create, Noriane!

    And thanks for running this contst!

    Julia (

  8. Hi Noriane,

    Name: Deanna E-mail:

    My favorite is the "Bella's New Moon" necklace. I would love to own this beautiful piece of jewelry. I am a huge fan of hand stamped/altered sterling silver, natural stones and Swarovski crystals. It even says so in my Etsy profile!
    I am mesmerized by the The Host (shiny foil-lined Swarovski crystal ring).
    I am fascinated with the Eclipse (Swarovski crystal disk with beveled edges). It reminds me of a fancy monacle.
    Here is the information I posted on my Facebook page and Twitter (I will send you the links/info. if you e-mail me):
    Check out this Etsy Seller's Beautiful Handmade Twilight/New Moon inspired jewelry. I love the "The Host" piece, "Eclipse" piece and my favorite is the" Bella's New Moon" necklace. Check out her exquisite pieces at the link below:

    What a wonderful contest!
    Deanna {:o)

  9. Hi!I love all the jewelry,but my favorite is Bella's New Moon Spoiler necklace,it's beautiful yet simple.Thanks so much for setting aside some time to make and maintain this blog.My email is

  10. I love the necklace La Tua Cantante!!!
    I think it's soo beautiful and really portrays the message of how bella's body and blood sings to edward!

  11. My favorite is the "Look after my heart, I've left it with you." necklace!

  12. I love the necklace La Tua Cantante!!!
    I think it's soo beautiful and really portrays the message of how bella's body and blood sings to edward!

  13. My names Jacqueline. email:(
    Norianes Bijoux is amazing ! I recommend it to any Twilight fan. I have bought her crystal heart necklace in the past. Its sparkles little rainbows just like Edward ! I wear it almost everyday. :] My favorite thing she has to sell now is her, Colors of the Meadow Set. <33

  14. My favorite piece is the OOAK Team Jacob set -Turquoise, Swarovski and Sterling. Turquoise is so underrated but goes with everything.


  15. Whilst all of the jewellery for sale in Norianes Bijoux is stunning, I think my favourite pieces are the Twilight string bracelets, particularly the "Covered in feathers" design. The reason I prefer these is because they are simple, yet beautiful enough to wear alone, or you can buy more than one and layer them to create a more modern take on Bella's charm bracelet.
    My name is Jenny and my email address is
    Thank you

  16. I think that every piece in Noriane Bijoux's Shop tells is own part of the story - simply stunning! But my favorite of all is in fact the Bella Necklace - New Moon Spoiler. I fell in love with it first time I saw the picture and now that it is made I had to choose it. Even though it's just one among so many other wonderful pieces - it's my favorite of all. Thank you so much for doing this contest and the wonderful price - it's perfect!
    My name is Melanie and my emai address is

  17. By far my favorite is the BELLA bracelet with the GP wolf charm! Love your jewelry!


  18. It was so hard to choose just one that's my favorite! I really love them all! I love how each on represents something in the book/movie (like the meadow flowers, forest, eyes..). Noriane is a true artist with her jewelry. It's been a long time since I've seen a collection of jewelry where EVERY piece is gorgeous in it's own unique sense. My favorite would probably be the "Edward's Eyes" heart ring. It's pretty, simple, and well, EDWARD! I also do love the "Bella's Necklace" that's the prize for this contest. It's so delicate and so feminine. I just love this website (check it practically everyday, lol). Thanks for offering this contest! =) [Less than a month away!!!]
    This is Brittney, and my email is

  19. Oh, and I'm putting a link to this contest on my Facebook [Brittney Shelburne] Thanks!

  20. My favorite item is The Ultimate Breaking Dawn Charm Necklace. I think it represents the book really well.

  21. Hi my MOST Favorite thing on there is the golden wolf and heart bracelet!! That thing is ADORABLE!!
    Also, i put this on link on Face book! thanks So So much! ( Riley Shelburne)

  22. I love The Host necklace and earring combo. It is so elegant, simple, and very beautiful. It is for sure going to be added to my Christmas list.


  23. Beautiful jewelry! I love Bella's necklace from New Moon and Aros Gift, looks exactly as Stephenie described it. Only Edward is very pretty too. Definately found a few things to add to my "wish list."


  24. It's the most beauitful things I've ever seen. It is a hard deside witch one is the most beautiful. But my favorite one is The Ultimate Breaking Dawn Charm Nacklace. And some thing to but on my christmas list.

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  26. I love Norian's Bijoux so much :) I already have the 'La Tua Cantante'-necklace, and I wear it all the time!
    Now one of my favourite creations is the 'Colours of the meadow'-set, or the 'Under the clocktower'-watch (it's the first time I actually like a watch!!) The New Moon necklace of this contest is also very beautiful. I love subtle jewelry, so this necklace is just perfect :)

    Yoke (

  27. I love your jewelry and already own several peices, such as the Forest earrings and the Colors of the Meadow necklace. It's difficult to just pick ONE item that I love the best from your collection because there is just so much that is just beautiful. However I adore your Alice set and the Vampire necklace. They're next on my list of things to get. I love your work so much because it's simple but elegant at the same time, which I prefer with my jewelry.

    I did make a post on my facebook.

  28. It was very hard to choose there all very beautiful but my favorite is the Prettiest Bella bracelet :D

  29. Aside from this beautiful pearl necklace, I love the Twilight Sky necklace...that stone is breathtaking! It's so feminine, yet intriguing!

  30. I am having a hard time deciding between La Tua Cantante and Midnight Sun! Beautiful, absolutely beautiful!

  31. Hi :)

    Name: Charlotte

    I love The Best Bella Bracelet.
    I think it's been made really well and doesn't look tacky or cheap.
    All of the jewellery is amazing!


  32. Greetings! I am such a huge fan of all of this jewlery, its all so beautiful. I think, though, my favourite is probably the colors of the meadow set or the best bella bracelet. they are just so lovely.


  33. My favorite peice would have to be the "Edward's Eyes" ring. I'm more of a Carlisle fan, but that's part of the beauty of the ring.... it can match any veggie-vamp's eyes!! xD
    Thanks soo much for holding this contest!

    my email is:

  34. Hii!! Thanks yoou soooo much for this contest!!
    I think that my favorite peice would be the Bella's bracelet, just cause I love it in the book xD thougj it really was hard to pick a favorite xD

    my email is:

  35. I really love the The Ultimate Breaking Dawn Charm Necklace!! Breaking Dawn is my favorite book and the necklace represents it extremely well :) Soo hard to pick a fave though x/
    Anywho, my email is:


  36. My favourite piece would have to be "La Tua Cantante", for 3 reasons:
    1) The relation to twilight and how La Tua Cantante is a beautiful analogy to how strongly Edward is attracted to Bella's blood.
    2) How everyone looking at this necklace will automatically think of music, and probably that special song that has a unique meaning to them. Nothing is more mood setting or filled with emotions, than the perfect song.
    3) And it is simply gorgeous, with the dark red and a simple white heart.

    So many beautiful pieces to choose from, but this one spoke to me:)

    Jenny A

  37. Dear BellaforbiddenEdward,thanks for posting this beautiful link of norianesbijoux's website, she defently has gorgeos stuff, and she is very talented. I defently going to order something, meanwhile I try my luck in this competition!

    I have so many favourite pieces but those two are my absolot favourits:

    1) Bellas New Moon necklace of the dream sequence so pretty!
    2) Bellas Lullaby set, is very cute too

    Thank you, good luck to everyone!

    my email adress:

  38. I like the Sparkling Moon - Twilight Inspired Necklace because it represents both Edward with the Crystal and Jacob with the Moon. Thanks! Melissa F

  39. Posting to my FACEBOOK.. pick me! pick me! :)
    Check it out.

    Ashley Schrotberger

  40. Dannah

    I am in LOVE with the look after my heart necklace! I love how it just seems to sparkle!

    By the way I'm posting this to my facebook also!!

  41. Hey! :-)

    I've posted this on my Facebook Profile
    If you want to find me on Facebook, use the following address:

    My absolute fave (k, maybe no ABSOLUTE because it's really hard to choose!) is
    The Quality Bella Bracelet with the Gold Wolf

    I really like this one because the gold is much more similar to wood than silver is. AMAZING Swarovski heart selections in your jewelery line!

    All the best,

  42. I really like the "La Tua Contante" inspired one. I love the treble clef with the "drop of blood". Very simple, but pretty.

  43. Oh, gosh, to choose just one...
    I think I actually like the New Moon spoiler necklace featured on this post, although I also particularly liked the Frozen Tears necklace.


  44. I love Bella's necklace it's sooo beautiful! It's awesome!!!!!

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