Sunday, September 5, 2010

Curious Gypsy Top to get it Re-released

They have agreed to re-release the hoodie IF we get enough names together to show there is a demand for this shirt.

1) Email your name and e-mail address to to be added to the list that will be presented to the owners of the company. Please put Curious Gypsy in the subject line of your email
2) Join the Facebook group that has been set up for the re-release of the CGT and make your interest in the hoodie known. LOUDLY!! And get all your friends and family to join the page.
We even have one of the owners of the company on the page who has been interacting with the members of the group, so that shows how sincere they are in their promise to re-release the top.
The FB page can be found here:
3) Spread the word: flood as many Twilight and Bella fan sites, forums and blogs as you can with the information We need all the help we can get and yours is much appreciated!!


  1. Ich denke,das ist wirklich sehr interessantFuchs Kostüm

  2. THe most awkward scene.. haha i remember this one..

    william @ big suit

  3. ya'll are falling behind with updates a bit. just a fellow reminder that's all. see ya in november for breaking dawn.

  4. Hi all,

    I just came across the LOVEFiLM perfect pairing poll, and there's an opportunity to vote for your favourite Twilight couple: Bella and Edward, or Bella and Jacob...

    You can find it on the LOVEFiLM homepage at, and you may need to register to access it but luckily this doesn't take long.

    May the best couple win!!!

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