Friday, May 29, 2009

New Moon

I am switching over to the New Moon blog for the most part ( but I will definitely still take requests for this one on anything I haven't done yet. I will also keep updating when I find new items and similar items in my searches.

Don't forget to check out the first New Moon trailer on the MTV Movie Awards, airing at 9:00 pm ET on Sunday. Then at 10:45 p.m., the high-definition video will debut online


  1. You know what sucks is that now that they are finished filming New Moon there will be no new set pictures for it until the movie comes out in November. They also are supposed to start filming Eclipse in September so we will see costumes for the 3rd movie before the 2nd one is even out!

  2. Could you please do Victoria at the prom? I really like her dress for that scene....and, well, yeah. :P

  3. You are RAD!

    I just thought you should know. I've been reading since before you had followers but keep it up! Great job :D

  4. Ive seen this already! cool..

    william @ big suit